Friday, January 25, 2008

Urban Citroen C1 Test Drive

Citroen C1 more like a funny toy than a car.

When we went to Citroën showroom, my girlfriend immediately rushed to C1. At that time, she recalled schoolgirl in uniform. She ran around the car with exclamations: "See how pretty it is, what a beautiful, charming car!" What can you do here, women are often guided by emotions, many of them madly in love with Brad Pitt, although it only seen in photographs and TV screens I had to take the car in for the test drive.

One thing to admire the appearance, other - actual driving. First thing, causing a small discomfort - is noise insulation. At idle the engine is essentially quiet, but on the go, especially at higher rpm, sound easily penetrates the salon. Three cylinder 1-litre engine is quite agile to overpass, switch lanes and merge into traffic. Five speed robotic gearbox slightly "drops" while switching. However, even on more expensive cars gearbox-robot behaves the same way. I liked the manual mode very much. Gears switch in the "right direction": high - back, low - forward. Second gear accelerates up to 110 km/h. Fourth and fifth gear very weak - they are to save fuel. Fuel consumption is good, city driving - less than 6 l/100 km. Highway - about 9 l/100 km.

Brakes are sharp, ABS triggered in advance, without waiting for the block. For experienced drivers its OK, but for beginners - advantage. I found no steering control issues, feedback is excellent. Suspension is stiff. The car originally intended for the good European roads. My front passenger was not happy with sharp turns - no handles on the passenger door. Heating system is good: if you turn the airflow deflectors, located on the dashboard toward yourself and set a fan at a maximum, you can blow dry your hair.

Trunk is really small, but enough for one-week supply of groceries. If you fold rear seats, it can accommodate products for a couple of months ahead. The only drawback - no handles for closing.