Friday, March 28, 2008

BMW Brings Back Isetta

BMW is going to resume production of urban mini-car Isetta, which will become the most affordable model from BMW, to compete with Smart For Two models of Daimler, Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Up.

Currently, BMW chooses design for a car smaller than the size of MINI. It will come with small gasoline engine, which complies with current and future EU environmental standards. The hybrid versions of BMW Isetta is not planed, as these technologies are intended for larger models of the company.

In Europe, Isetta is well known - for many residents of Old World she was the first post-war car (produced in the period from 1955 to 1962). Car is also known as "Bubble Car", because it has the form of eggs and bubble windows. The machine was equipped with a motorcycle 9.5 hp engine and clocked up to 30 in 30 seconds.

According to BMW the current model design would no longer be so unique, as it would have to conform to modern safety requirements. Renewed Isetta will receive four wheels and two doors on the sides, however, will retain the body proportions and rear wheel drive. BMW plans to equip Isetta with a new environmentally friendly engine that, coupled with a small weight make it one of the most environmentally friendly cars.