Thursday, March 27, 2008

TAC Stark: Brazil's mini-SUV

Little-known Brazilian automakers TAC is going to mass produce new mini-SUV.

Exterior design of TAC Stark is somewhat in between Jeep Wrangler and buggy. The engine borrowed from a German Wolkswagen. Engine has 100 hp, and works on gasoline or ethanol. If the mini-SUV from Brazil appears on the market before competitors in this class, it will be the first off-road capable of working on two types of fuel.

TAC Stark length is about 4 meters, wheelbase - 2.5 m, weight is only 1300 kg. In Brazil SUV will be sold as early as next year at a cost of $41,000, and from 2012 mini-SUV will ship to other countries for $13,000.