Monday, May 26, 2008

Kia Soul Crossover Utility Vehicle

Kia showed first Soul concept in 2006 at the North American autoshow. At the Geneva Motor Kia had three pre-production samples, slightly masked with linings and airbrush.

Kia decided that the final version of Kia Soul will debute in autumn in Paris and immediately, in September, will begin mass production model. Rare case when a good car concept for two years preparing for production has undergone no significant changes.

"Stylish shoe" design was developed jointly by California and Korean design studios company Kia. Europe's Gregory Gillom (Gregory Guillaume) and chief designer Peter Shreyer from Kia (Peter Schreyer) headed the project. Short high body, rectangular profile and acute window line, gives momentum. Kia Soul looks rather like crossover, but it urban B-class car in high body. As of now, there is one car on the market with exactly the same philosophy and consumer properties - Ford Fusion. At the end of 2008 another one expected - Toyota Urban Cruiser.

With the success of boxy vehicles such as the Honda Fit and the Scion xB, it is clear that there is a growing market in North America for youthful-looking, economy-oriented hatches. Although the main objective of the project - is the European market, where the B-segment is traditionally very popular. South Korean Kia intends to double sales in Europe by 2010 - up to 500 thousand cars.

Kia Soul top version will be equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder gasoline engine paired with a five-automatic gearbox and adaptive cruise control. Kia Soul will not be so bright as a concept, but still allow buyers to personalize car through a large number of options. Car also will be available in unusual colors, such as tomato red, vanilla, bright silver. These colors reflect the ideology of Kia Soul line: youthful, informal car with excellent opportunities to customize for each customer.