Monday, May 19, 2008

Scion xD 1.0 DAMD

Following the Scion xB model, presented at the motor show in Detroit, and tC version, Toyota unveiled new Scion xD limited edition with modest name "1.0", based on a Yaris platform.

Only 2000 Scion 1.0 DAMD will be made by the Japanese automaker. The limited edition will come in bright red, with choice of several colors for interior. Specifically for this model external tuning "DAMD" package was developed. To add some agility this modification Scion 1.0 DAMD comes with modern "RAZO" gearbox.

Innovation, however, has not touched engine equipment. Car comes with the same 1.8 litre 128 hp engine. Scion 1.0 DAMD with mechanical transmission will be sold for $16,549, and $17,349 for automatic. For a European buyer - 10,500 euros, which incidentally, even cheaper than 1.8 litre Yaris.