Monday, June 30, 2008

Mazda2 3-Door

Japanese Mazda expanding its model range and presents 3-door modification of its popular Mazda 2, which went in production in 2007. Five-door version of this model has a great success with sales of 40,000 worldwide.

So, back in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motorshow Mazda presented its Sassou concept. Futuristic model has been designed in bright sports style. And the new Mazda 2 3-door seem to inherit some features of this concept. The appearance of a new Mazda 2 incarnation is a organic mix of Sassou concept and the exterior details of its five door relative. Dominating sports style of new Mazda 2 recreated through a side windows, modified edgy rear end with tilted ascending body line, typical of the Mazda2.

New Mazda 2 model has increased aerodynamic performance by 4%, with ratio of frontal aerodynamic resistance equal to 0.31 Cx. Lower fuel consumption was also achieved through a weight reduction of 100 kg.

Mazda offers four types of engines: MZR 75 hp, 1.3 litres petrol as well as 1.5 litres 86 hp petrol MZR and 103 hp and 68 hp 1.4 litres turbocharged diesel MZ. The engines feature high levels of environmental performance, the content of CO2 in the exhaust does not exceed 129 g/km.

New Mazda 2 interior - still the same attention to details. Seemingly small car sufficiently spacious inside. Mazda 2 side doors extended by 163 mm compared to five-door modification, so rear passengers can quickly and conveniently get to their seats.

The price of the new Mazda 2 will be known in early July, and sales start in late August - the beginning of September.

Dodge Hornet

Chrysler has decided to begin mass production of Dodge Hornet concept, first shown at the motor show in Geneva in 2006.

According to Chrysler officials, concept will be built at the Nissan plant in the Japanese city of Oppama. Three door Hornet hatchback, remotely resembles MINI Cooper design and will be based on the Nissan Versa sub-compact platform and positioned in the same price ranges as the MINI. It is also worth noting that Chrysler intends to produce and budget cars as well. For these purposes Chrysler organizes joint venture with a Chinese company Chery Automotive.

Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe New Generation

Volkswagen will begin selling a new generation Scirocco coupe in August.

It is expected that the basic version will be equipped with a 1.4 - liter gasoline 122 hp engine. In addition, buyers will be able to choose 203 hp engine, as well as two diesel engines (124 hp and 142 hp). Base version will include 17 - inch wheels, leather steering wheel, sport front seats, six airbags and sports suspension. As an additional equipment is 7 - stepped CPR with two adhesion, adaptive system chassis adjustment, panoramic roof hatch and a multimedia system with navigation.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mad kid Toyota Aygo Crazy

In July at the British International autoshow in London, the company will show us Toyota sports car version of its urban Toyota Aygo. The new model, which has been dubbed "Crazy".

Toyota Aygo
It should also repeal that is not just a concept, but a full-fledged auto racing version. Under the hood "Aygo Crazy" has 1.8 litre (200 hp) engine, exactly the same as that of the Toyta Celica and Toyota MR2.

Toyota Aygo

Crazy looking car weight is 1050 kilograms and is its able to reach 100 km / h in just 5.7 seconds, the maximum speed of 204 km / h.

Aygo Crazy

Aygo Crazy

Aygo Crazy

Exterior works very well. Interior is small, but it is not particularly important for auto racing, the main problem that I have is paint work - could draw something more attractive.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

iCar: when VW introduced to the Apple

Last year we learned that the company Volkswagen and Apple were negotiating for the development of joint car "iCar", which would be equipped with various modern gadgets.

I am not exactly sure whether this is a real photo, or the result of the masters of PhotoShop. In any case, "iCar" depicted here, really looks like a car built in collaboration with Apple and Volkswagen.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Limited Version of Peugeot 107 Kiss

The company began selling its special 107 KISS version Peugeot in the UK, which was developed with the cooperation of a popular radio station KISS.

The car is available in two colors, red and black logo of the radio station on the sides. New Peugeot comes with Clariton audio system equipped with USB connector, which allows you to connect the iPod or any MP3-player.

Peugeot 107 Kiss

Peugeot 107 Kiss

Peugeot 107 Kiss
Total 1000 car are produced at a price of £ 7755 or US $15170.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honda offers a solution for dog lovers

Many people, before making the big purchase, consult with their best friend. And as you know, a dog - humans best friend ))

Auto dog
Therefore, buying a new car owners very often take into account the fact that they have pets. As a result, many dog lovers in the United States acquire trucks or SUVs.

However, in Japan a seat should be used more rationally. To solve this problem, Honda company has established a web site for dog lovers willing to buy cars.

It all started with a car Honda Vamos Dog Edition, but has since emerged and other models adapted for the transportation of our best friends.

Auto for dogs

Vamos Dog Edition

Auto animals
Since I don't understand Japanese language, it was difficult to understand what is written on the site. However, you can guess that Honda offers five versions of special vehicles for dog lovers. Each car attached photos, as well as ways of transporting your pet. In general, see themselves, maybe you get a better deal ))

Chevrolet 2009 Aveo5 Aveo Hatchback Prices

Just in time when the price of fuel in America will hit the $4 mark, Chevrolet announces prices for its line of 2009 Aveo, including a new economical 5 - door Hatchback Aveo5. Fuel consumption is 34mpg (mile per gallon) or less than 7 liters per 100 km.

Aveo LS and Aveo5 LS can be purchased at a price of $ 12,120 (including $ 660 for transportation costs). The cost to more expensive Aveo sedan and Aveo5 LT is $ 14255 for 1LT version and $ 15520 for the 2LT.

Both models are equipped with new, more powerful 1.6 liter (107 hp) Ecotec engine. Fuel consumption with manual will be 8.5 litres per 100 km in the city and a little less than 7 litres highway.

Monday, June 9, 2008

2009 Toyota iQ Spy Shots

Although Toyota has already shown us production version of its small urban car iQ in March this year at the Geneva autoshow, it is the first time anyone saw it on the road.

As you can see from the photos the car is not simply small but rather very tiny. Perhaps that Toyota iQ is a good competition for Smart ForTwo.

2009 Toyota iQ

However, unlike Smart, baby iQ can accommodate not just two, but three adults and a child thanks to the smart location of the seats. I am not sure that anyone except the driver will be comfortable in the car when fully loaded

2009 Toyota iQ

Toyota plans to sell 100000 iQ cars in the first year. Production of the car likely will begin a little later this year. Well, lets wait, I like the car a lot, perhaps even more than the new Suzuki Swift))

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Special boxes: Suzuki Wagon R and Stingray

Suzuki Company expects that the sale of the Wagon R car exceed the three million mark this month. To celebrate this event the Japanese auto manufacturer has presented two new limited series models at once, Wagon R and its version of Stingray

Suzuki Wagon R

By the way, Stingray design reminds me old Toyota bB. Appearance of both models is quite attractive, only Stingrey seems more aggressive. But salon looks boring.

Suzuki Wagon R

The price starts from ¥ 1115000 for 2WD Wagon R to ¥ 1314600 for 4WD Stingray. Or equivalent of $10555 and $12445 respectively.

Friday, June 6, 2008

VW Golf MkVI Will Get a New Compact Engine

New Golf MkVI sixth generation, we will see in 2009, will get even smaller engine, as reported by German news site Automobilwoche.

According to the representatives of VW, it is very possible that the standard version Golf will be equipped with a compact 1 liter, 3 cylinder engine, as well as possibly 1.2 litres 4 cylinders engine.