Monday, June 30, 2008

Mazda2 3-Door

Japanese Mazda expanding its model range and presents 3-door modification of its popular Mazda 2, which went in production in 2007. Five-door version of this model has a great success with sales of 40,000 worldwide.

So, back in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motorshow Mazda presented its Sassou concept. Futuristic model has been designed in bright sports style. And the new Mazda 2 3-door seem to inherit some features of this concept. The appearance of a new Mazda 2 incarnation is a organic mix of Sassou concept and the exterior details of its five door relative. Dominating sports style of new Mazda 2 recreated through a side windows, modified edgy rear end with tilted ascending body line, typical of the Mazda2.

New Mazda 2 model has increased aerodynamic performance by 4%, with ratio of frontal aerodynamic resistance equal to 0.31 Cx. Lower fuel consumption was also achieved through a weight reduction of 100 kg.

Mazda offers four types of engines: MZR 75 hp, 1.3 litres petrol as well as 1.5 litres 86 hp petrol MZR and 103 hp and 68 hp 1.4 litres turbocharged diesel MZ. The engines feature high levels of environmental performance, the content of CO2 in the exhaust does not exceed 129 g/km.

New Mazda 2 interior - still the same attention to details. Seemingly small car sufficiently spacious inside. Mazda 2 side doors extended by 163 mm compared to five-door modification, so rear passengers can quickly and conveniently get to their seats.

The price of the new Mazda 2 will be known in early July, and sales start in late August - the beginning of September.