Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honda offers a solution for dog lovers

Many people, before making the big purchase, consult with their best friend. And as you know, a dog - humans best friend ))

Auto dog
Therefore, buying a new car owners very often take into account the fact that they have pets. As a result, many dog lovers in the United States acquire trucks or SUVs.

However, in Japan a seat should be used more rationally. To solve this problem, Honda company has established a web site for dog lovers willing to buy cars.

It all started with a car Honda Vamos Dog Edition, but has since emerged and other models adapted for the transportation of our best friends.

Auto for dogs

Vamos Dog Edition

Auto animals
Since I don't understand Japanese language, it was difficult to understand what is written on the site. However, you can guess that Honda offers five versions of special vehicles for dog lovers. Each car attached photos, as well as ways of transporting your pet. In general, see themselves, maybe you get a better deal ))