Thursday, July 3, 2008

Volkswagen VW Gol

Volkswagen plans to soon begin selling a new generation of its budget car named Gol. Despite the apparent similarity of names, there is no relationship to the famous VW Golf.

It's not well known that Volkswagen is the main and largest European automaker in Brazil, since from 1953. Volkswagen five assembly plants employ 21,000 Brazilian workers. German automotive firm, in 1970 became the first to sell its cars in South America auto market, which "paved" road to all other European producers. And it is not surprising that after such a multi-year exclusive relationship with South American continent, German designers have developed a practical inexpensive car specifically for its people. The new model Gol based on Volkswagen Polo. Exterior design - combination of basic features and body lines of Tiguan, one of the most successful models of German manufacturer, somewhat modified form of front and headlamps original geometry.

Potential Gol buyer can choose between 1 liter 70 hp engine and 1.6 litres 103 hp 5-cylinders engine. Both work with gasoline and ethanol.

Gol production scheduled for 2009 and will be available in five and four doors (base) versions. VW and also thinks about the possible release of Gol wagon and pickup.

Moreover, beyond South America, the company intends to "conquer" Russia auto market, as well as India and Africa, and possibly Asian too. Volkswagen plans are ambitious but real. Sales in 2007, excluding Brazil, exceeded 581,000 cars. This figure exceeds the previous one, for 2006, up 32%.