Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mazda Kazamai Concept Unveiled at Moscow Autoshow

Perhaps the main Moscow autoshow concept is Mazda Kazamai. Mazda representatives know it, so they brought to Moscow 150 journalists from 22 countries! The Japanese automaker say that they did this car specifically for the Russian exhibition, which has become one of the most important in Europe. Kazamai concept is a precursor of a small crossover CX-5, which will start production next year.

Mazda Kazamai
Kazamai means "struggle vortices" in Japanese. You have to agree, residents of country of the rising sun were always able to express their emotions. Why "struggle vortices"? According to the designers, this word is best suited for machines with such unusual forms. Moreover, the Japanese strongly emphasize the theme of winds - even a huge 22-inch wheels have twisted spokes, which expands to the periphery. Still Kazamai is very practical car. Concept is not much longer than familiar to us Mazda3, but the car offers a much larger interior space. Considering that Kazamai height is 1500 mm, it is actually closer to coupe.

Under the hood Kazamai has new generation 2.0 - litre petrol engine, which comes with 6 - speed manual transmission. Mazda representatives have not yet said how much power this engine develops, however, they assured that he will be 30% more economical compared with the current engine produced the same amount.