Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Futuristic Mazda1

As we learned, the new urban mini car Mazda 1 can be seen at this year's Paris motor show. Cars design is not-quite usual, more accurately, rather quite unique. Style was previously shown with Taiki, Ryuga, Hakaze and Furai concepts.

New futuristic Mazda 1

New Mazda will be the first model established by the project design Nagare. Under the hood there will likely be 0,8-1,3 liter volume engine.

In 2010 Mazda will launch into production a few more cars executed in the same futuristic design, including modification of Mazda3.

Mazda representatives also reported that in August this year at the motor show in Moscow they will show a new small crossover concept. Which is likely to be based on the Ford Kuga and as well as Mazda1 under Nagara design project.

The car will be developed specifically for the Russian market, which in the opinion of the Japanese carmaker could surpass German, as the largest market in Europe.