Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sbarro Assystem City Car - an unusual car for the city

This unusual car for the city made its debut in Geneva, and frankly, shocked everyone a little. Original car design was developed by Franco Sbarro, a car appeared in Geneva before, but of course after that some modifications were made.

Sbarro Assystem City Car

Sbarro Assystem City Car

What I love most in this car, is the number of original solutions for different auto problems. For example, the problem with parking in a city - parking Sbarro Assystem is incredibly easy (first, very small size car, second it has only 3 axis, well, and finally its light weight).

The car has a very unique shape, plus it has only three wheels, and front wheel drive with electric motor (27 hp). That is why the maximum speed auto only 50 km / h. Not enough? Yes, of course it is not 200 km / h or even 100, however, for most people, this speed will be sufficient for everyday urban driving.

Sbarro Assystem City Car has two engines that can operate simultaneously, so the car can be called hybrid.

The Sbarro company wants to start production very soon. According to them, car could accommodate up to 5 people, as well as their luggage. Frankly, for me its a mystery, as how it can accommodate 5 people, and moreover, their luggage.